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As Arizona highway defect attorneys, we will be the first to tell you that it is not possible to avoid all bumps, potholes, and defects in the road. However, there are a few ways to avoid those really bad spots that can leave you injured and your car damaged due to dangerous roadways, or worse.

  1. Never tailgate the car in front of you. This is dangerous for many reasons, including that you could rear-end the vehicle if they stop or slow suddenly. Rear-end collisions were the most common type of crash in 2010, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Also, if you are tailgating, you won’t have time to react when the car in front of you swerves to avoid a pothole or a defect in the road. Instead, stay back at least three seconds from the car in front of you. This means that as they pass a landmark, it should take another three seconds before you pass the same one. When you see the car in front of you swerve to miss something, you’ll be able to avoid it safely too.
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As Arizona Freeway accident attorneys, we were happy to hear that an Arizona State University student was safe after spending 10 days stranded in her car on a freeway in Arizona. The 23-year-old student became stranded after driving through a blizzard, and she survived on two candy bars and melted snow to drink. Forest Service workers found her on accident, according to KSAZ-TV. It has been said that the freeway had a design defect that lended itself to a dangerous condition, and that people would not know that it was dangerous to travel down a section of the freeway. The girl travelled down that section and then was stranded.

Tips on Surviving a Freeway Accident That Leaves You Stranded

As Phoenix freeway accident attorneys, we have not seen an accident like this before. Of course, we see many types of Arizona freeway car accidents. This type of accident is very unique. That being said, we do see many cars stranded.

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As Scottsdale Injury Lawyers, we want everyone to be aware of some traffic hold ups in the Scottsdale area. Drivers in the Scottsdale area should be aware of an unusual traffic hold-up at Pima and Pinnacle Peak Road. The traffic hold up is a sinkhole at the intersection of these two roads. The sinkhole, which was discovered Thursday, is probably the result of an abandoned water pipeline line. Officials say it is not related to the road improvement project that has been taking place in the area. As work begins this week to repair it, as many as seven lanes of traffic will be closed. Typically roads closed lead to serious accidents so we want to inform everyone to be careful in these areas.

Many times traffic results in confusion and misunderstandings and serious injuries can result in this area if people are not careful. Scottsdale is generally a safe area but with a lot of construction going on the area is not free of accidents.

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