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Arizona dog bite accidents can be caused by a number of different actions on both the part of the dog’s owner as well as the victim who was bit by the dog. The most common causes of animal injury accidents involving a bite include:

  • The dog was roaming the streets at large and was scared by people that it encountered, smelled food on them, or was trying to play with them.
  • The dog was not properly trained to deal with strangers and with children and lashed out when approached by strangers; this could happen if the dog is at large, on a leash, or in the confines of the owner’s yard.
  • The dog was not on a leash and attacked another animal, which led to human intervention and a subsequent attack.

Although these are the most common causes of dog bite injuries, there are many other situations in which a dog attack could occur and victims should always reach out to a skilled dog bite attorney to find out if they have a case.

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According to reports from the Yuma Police Department’s Animal Control Services (YPD-ACS), residents are charged $50 for having a dog at large on a first offense with the fine increasing on every subsequent offense, including $100 for a second offense and $200 for a third offense. The reports indicate that if an unvaccinated dog bites a person, it is quarantined for no less than 10 days, to the tune of at least $300. Dog bites occur all over Arizona and many times cause very serious injuries to their victims. Many times victims are children and are bit in the face. Dog owners must understand that their dog can be a danger to others and that they should always keep their dog on a leash when out in public.


How to Avoid a Yuma Dog Bite Incident

For those pet owners whose dogs have engaged in more than one Yuma dog bite incident, the punishment may be more severe than quarantine and a fine.

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Chandler Dog Attack LawAs experienced Chandler dog bite attorneys, we know that the law protects people who have been injured by a dog due to the negligence of the pet owner or caretaker. ARS 11-1020 and ARS 11-1025 provide victims of dog bite injuries with the right to file a lawsuit for recovery of damages against the owner of the dog and the person who was responsible for the dog at the time the attack occurred.

Many people believe that Arizona is like most other states and that dogs and pet owners have “one free bite,” but in Arizona there is no one dog bite rule.

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We were sorry to learn that three people were attacked by a dog including the dog’s handler, a young boy, on February 8 in Ahwatukee. The boy was taking his dog on a walk, according to Fox 10, when the dog escaped off the leash and attacked another dog. The boy and the other dog’s owners were all bitten in the attack. We hope all recover from their bite injuries, including the small dog that was attacked. These bites can leave lasting scars and can be painful to recover from.

Causes of This Ahwatukee Dog Bite Accident

This dog bite incident occurred when the dog pulled away from the young boy that was walking it. With the leash attached, the dog ran after a smaller dog and attacked it. When the smaller dog’s owners attempted to save it, the bigger dog bit them too. Then it turned and bit the young boy. All are expected to be OK, but all suffered injuries.

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Arizona Dog Attack InjuryAn experienced Tucson dog bite lawyer will make sure that the victim of the dog bite will be compensated for medical bills, pain and suffering, future expenses, and more. Although many dog bite incidents cannot be prevented by victims, we still want to let our readers knows of some safety tips when around dogs.

Safety Tips Around Dogs

Make sure not to look at the eyes of the dog, because this could mean that the person is a threat and cause the dog to attack the person. When a dog is around, even if it is familiar, never reach for it. Allow the dog to be the one to approach before trying to pet the dog. As an owner, be observant if the dog is feeling sick, as this could trigger hostility from even the nicest dog. When walking your dog and there is an aggressive dog walking nearby, stand very still. Running in this case could lead the dog to be more excited. If a child is around, make sure to protect the child and not let the child look eye to eye with the dog. Child dog bite injuries are among the most common dog attack incidents. As a dog owner, it is important to recognize that dogs are not always predictable and any dog can bite any time.

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Tucson dog bite attorneys can help people who have been injured by a dog. According to ABC 15, a policeman forcefully shot two dogs for attacking an 86-year-old man. The policeman arrived at the scene and saw two pit-bulls attacking the man and his pet dog
(the man was walking his dog at the time). Bystanders tried to help the old man from the pit bulls’ attack. Some people were even trying to scare the dogs off by swinging a chair, hoping that this would at least take the dogs’ attention away from the victim and his pet. The man was bitten in his lower legs and was successfully saved from the ravaging attack of the pit bulls, and was taken to a hospital by a family member. It was discovered that the two pit bulls were roaming the neighborhood around 22nd street and Wilmot Road. Witnesses stated that the dogs were found in this eastern neighborhood of Tucson early Wednesday morning.

Dog Bite Statistics

Statistics show that dog bites can be fatal. From among the 4.7 million people who suffered dog attacks and got bitten in the process, 800,000 were sent to the hospital with serious injuries and 10 to 20 people are killed yearly. 65% of the fatalities have been said to be caused by a single dog, 20% from two dogs, and the rest of the injured persons were attacked by multiple dogs.

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Did you know that there are around 800,000 dog bites every year and that one out of every six of them results in needing medical attention? As a result, approximately 368,000 people were sent to the emergency room of a hospital.

After being hospitalized, the Phoenix dog owner of “Baby,” speaks of the incident that took place days ago. He recalled that two pit bulls were literally chewing on his pet dog. After seeing this event, he then formulated a plan to help her.

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Responsible dog ownership is a must in order to prevent Arizona dog bite injuries. A dog bite injury can become fatal if left untreated. But aside from being a possible threat to human health, unattended dogs can be a problem to other pets as well.

In an effort to encourage responsible ownership, a new Arizona law has been passed increasing the penalty for owners in dog on dog attacks (AZ Family 04/20/2011). Lawmakers were able to pass the new law, which took years to make, just before the deadline.

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Two separate incidents involving pit bull attacks were reported earlier this week leaving three people with Phoenix dog bite injuries and another dog so seriously hurt that it had to be put down (AZ Central 03/22/2011).

According to reports, a blind 12-year old Schnauzer-Chihuahua mix was left alone in the front yard of a home in near Interstate 17 and Union Hills Drive for a few minutes when it was attacked by white and brown pit bulls.

After hearing her pet dog bark and yelp, the woman came to check and saw what was happening. Her husband came rushing in to get their pet but was bitten in the face. Their 20-year-old son came to help as well but was also suffered a dog bite to the leg.

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As dog lovers and Arizona dog bite attorneys, we see the best and worst of these lovable pets every day. With the right care, training, and preparedness, dogs can indeed be man’s best friend. However, if any one of those things goes astray, there could be a dangerous situation.

In Gilbert on Wednesday, a large bloodhound escaped from his owner’s yard and attacked two female neighbors (ABC 15 10/21/10). A police officer responding to the scene shot at the dog because he reportedly started charging at him as he was trying to protect one of the victims, and the dog was later put down at the request of the owner. One woman was treated at the scene while the other had to go to the hospital.

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