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Commercial trucks are often going from Arizona to California. There have been many fatal car accidents between commercial trucks and innocent individuals who are traveling in smaller motor vehicles.

Recently, there was a fatal car accident in Arizona that took place on Interstate 10 near Picacho Peak. The trucking accident with the Sierra Transportation company semi truck occurred on September 8, 2011 and it is reported that the vehicle went through the median and crashed into a mini van that was traveling on the other side of the median. The Arizona Department of Transportation has reported that the minivan burst into flames and that there were three occupants in the vehicle that were killed. Reports have differed about the status of the truck driver in the Sierra Transportation Truck. Some reports have the truck driver of the truck in critical condition and others have reported that the truck driver suffered fatal injuries. There was another truck driver involved as well in the accident. Police are investigating the matter, trying to determine exactly what happened and how the second truck is involved in this fatal Arizona truck accident.

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