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Many car crashes and other traffic incidents occur in the nighttime hours when the streets are dark, and many Nogales car accidents happen on streets where there is little, poor, or no lighting. This may be due to the fact that in an effort to save money, the city elected to turn off more than 400 streetlights around two years ago. Nighttime accidents in the city have since skyrocketed. Uproar from residents this year caused the city to turn back on around 80 street lights in areas where collisions were on the rise. The additional lights remain off, but lighting some of the most dangerous streets in the city may help to reduce the number of serious injury and fatal crashes that happen every year.

Nogales Car Accident Facts and Figures

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports nearly 350 Nogales car accidents each year. While these collisions rarely result in deaths, more than 75 car crashes in the city result in injuries annually and around 125 people report being physically harmed, according to statistical reports. More than five percent of car wrecks in Nogales are caused by drunk drivers every year and the injuries sustained in these crashes account for roughly 13 percent of all injuries that are caused in car crashes annually. Statewide, around 6,400 accidents happen in areas with poorly lit areas and nearly 3,000 individuals are hurt in these crashes.

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