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As Mesa auto accident attorneys, we deal with insurance claims on a frequent basis. In fact, filing claims against insurance companies is a huge part of what we do. As a result, we have plenty of experience dealing with insurance companies and the ways in which they try to deny claims.

Insurance companies are in business to make a profit. In order to make the largest profit possible, they can sometimes try to minimize the payment to the injured party. Many victims think they can simply negotiate with the insurance company on their own for a fair settlement. However, the insurance company’s motive is profit, not fairness.

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Most people who have never dealt with an insurance company before just assume the company will treat them fairly. They have no qualms about contacting the negligent driver’s insurance company directly and think they can handle the case on their own. But insurance companies will not act in their best interest.

After all, they have shareholders and a bottom line to protect. So they will do whatever it takes to save money. In addition, when an injured victim contacts an insurance company directly, the company may try to twist their words and use those words against them. They may even claim the victim said things that they did not say.

As Peoria personal injury attorneys, we are obviously a biased source. But we deal with injured victims on a regular basis who are being denied fair compensation by the negligent driver’s insurance company. That’s why we encourage injured victims to first consult with an Arizona injury attorney.

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Those who have suffered serious personal injury or who have lost a loved one in a wrongful death will often try to make the insurance claim on their own. Far too often, people believe that the insurance company will deal honestly and fairly with them if they make a claim. However, it is important for people to understand both the risks and benefits of making an injury claim against an insurance company without the help of a lawyer.

Not every injury victim that wants to make an insurance claim against a negligent driver needs to hire a personal injury lawyer. We expect that the best Scottsdale personal injury lawyers will always be honest with people and explain to them that there is no law requiring that an attorney help them in making an insurance claim.

Making an insurance claim can some times be as easy as notifying the insurance company of an accident, providing them with the information, and providing them with the details of the injuries or damages that were suffered. After that, a settlement may be obtained.

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In Part One of our discussion of the various forms of evidence you may need to provide to the insurance company after being in a car accident in Arizona, we emphasized the importance of getting pictures of the accident scene. The importance of doing this coincides with taking photographs of somebody who’s been seriously injured. We certainly understand how morbid this can sound. It can be very uncomfortable to take pictures of a loved one who has been seriously injured. Nobody wants to remember their loved one in that condition. It can be very difficult for the person who has been seriously injured to even look in a mirror at times, let alone have someone else take those photographs. However, what if those photographs were the difference between obtaining a life-changing and fair settlement offer and never receiving any compensation for the injury? Well, unfortunately very often that can be the case.

And of course, it is not just about photographs. There are experts who can measure skid marks and look at the debris field after an accident. There are experts who can collect evidence and documentation that can help put together or piece together who is at fault for a case. The top personal injury lawyers have experience in seeking out all the different types of documentation and other evidence that can help support a claim days, weeks, months, or even years after the fact.

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Many people understand that they need to have sufficient evidence in order to have a chance to receive fair compensation for their serious Scottsdale, Arizona personal injury claim. Some people believe that the insurance company will deal with them fairly as long as they provide certain evidence. Well, on the one hand that is true. At least it is true that you can count on the fact that if you have not collected all of the evidence you need to prove your claim, the insurance company is very unlikely to deal “fairly” with your case. It is probably then a leap of faith to believe that even if you have secured all of the necessary evidence that you can count on the insurance company to deal fairly with you in every case.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. We expect companies to work towards making a profit. People who buy stock in the insurance companies expect those companies to do everything that they can in order to make that profit. However, the profit the insurance companies make far too often come at the expense of people who have suffered very serious personal injury cases and who will never return to the life that they had. Far too often, people who have lost loved ones in an accident that was caused by somebody else do not receive a fair settlement offer because the insurance company is hoping that they can increase their profit margins.

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As a specialist certified by the Arizona State Bar in personal injury and wrongful death litigation, I am surprised at how many people trust the insurance company for the driver that caused the accident, yet distrust a lawyer that they hire. More specifically, people often refuse to even consider hiring a personal injury attorney. Instead, many attempt to handle an accident injury case on their own, and end up speaking directly to the insurance company representing the person that caused the injury.

Now, I understand that I am an attorney that deals in Arizona personal injury law, and so realize my own bias when I write about trusting a personal injury lawyer before trusting the other side’s insurance company. Yet I also know that I help people who are hurt due to someone else’s negligence.

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  1. Insurance companies always try to do what is fair and just, and are not just focused on profit or their bottom line.
  2. When their client is at fault, an insurance company will always admit it. They would never dream up ridiculous arguments to try to take the blame away from their negligent client, especially if the person injured was not at fault. An insurance company will, in fact, do an investigation so that the person injured by their client will be treated fairly, even if doing so involves admitting fault and accepting total responsibility.
  3. Insurance companies never would deny that the people they insure did not cause an injury when they were negligent in a car accident. Insurance companies are far too moral to blame pre-existing conditions to avoid paying your claim in full. And they certainly would never hire doctors who would try to deny that it was their client that caused an injury.
  4. An insurance company would never attempt to short change a payment to a person injured due to the negligence of someone they insure and, in fact, will always agree to settle amicably with the injured party for full and fair compensation. The insurance company will never make an injured person go to extreme lengths to prove how the injury affected his or her life, and will readily offer to pay every penny that is deserved in compensation.
  5. Insurance companies will admit exactly how much is available to pay a claim. An injured person never needs to worry that the insurance company will deny that other insurance policies exist that can also be claimed against. Insurance companies are very helpful, and will readily share information about other insurance policies the negligent party holds with them that are available to claim against.

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Personal injury lawyers in Phoenix will very rarely advise their clients or potential clients to give a recorded statement to an insurance company. Also, where this recorded statement is appropriate, if a recorded statement is going to be given, it should almost always be given with your lawyer at your side.

Very often, the insurance company will claim that a recorded statement is required. However, when dealing with the insurance company for the driver who caused an accident, there is no law that requires a recorded statement. The reality is that this is more of a tactic used by the insurance companies to try to get something recorded that they can later twist and use against the person who is injured.

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Phoenix, Arizona auto accident lawyers deal with insurance claims on a regular basis. In fact, with most personal injury attorneys, bringing a claim against the insurance company for the driver at fault is a major part of what is done for the client on a daily basis. Many people who have been involved in an accident do not understand the role of the insurance company for the adverse party.

Insurance companies make a profit, in part, by minimizing the amount they pay somebody who’s been injured as a result of the negligence of their insured driver. Many people believe that they can negotiate with the other insurance company for a “fair” settlement. However, it is very important to keep in mind that it is not the role of the other person’s insurance company to act in a fair manner. Instead, they will usually take every step possible to minimize the amount of a claim they make.

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After a motorcycle collision, an insurance company may try to persuade an injured motorcyclist into believing that a settlement is fair, when in fact, it is not. Even though this is not always the case after a motorcyclist is injured by another person’s negligence in an accident, the reality, however, is that the party that is attempting to deny payment to a seriously injured person must first prove their case. By hiring experts, reviewing all the facts, and engaging a skilled Arizona injury attorney after a Chandler motorcycle crash, an injured person can prevent the liable party’s insurance company from denying fair compensation.

Another common way insurance companies try to deny compensation to someone who is legally owed payment on a personal injury claim is by not explaining the nuances of uninsured and underinsured motorist laws when it comes to Arizona motorcycle accidents.

Even if the motorcycle on which you were riding may not have any insurance on it for uninsured or underinsured motorists, if any vehicle owned by a family member living in your household has such coverage, it may very well cover your motorcycle collision. Knowing about underinsured motorist coverage is especially important, as so often the liable driver’s insurance company will not cover the full compensation for damages after a serious motorcycle crash.

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