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As experienced Phoenix traffic accident attorneys, we are deeply worried for the safety and current status of six people who sustained injuries in a collision on Sunday, June 24, 2012, according to news reports from ABC 15 News. The crash happened late Sunday evening when a vehicle struck a minivan at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Broadway Road. Multiple people were riding in the minivan at the time of the collision. Six people riding in the van were transported to a nearby medical center for treatment, including three young children. Two of the children suffered serious injuries. There was no report on the other passengers in the van or the passengers or driver of the other vehicle involved. Police have not yet released comment on what caused the other driver to t-bone the minivan. Our thoughts are with each of the individuals injured in the collision and we are hoping for a swift recovery for all.

How to Avoid a T-Bone Phoenix Traffic Accident

Reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) indicate that roughly 29,100 Phoenix traffic accidents occur every year, and many of these collisions could be avoided. Statewide, t-bone collisions and other similar crashes are implicated as the result of an accident nearly 5 percent of the time. The following are are ways for drivers to reduce their risk of causing one of these accidents.

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As experienced Tucson car crash attorneys, we were stunned by the devastation caused by a serious three-car collision on June 9, according to report on KVOA News. The crash happened at the intersection of East Wilds Road and North Oracle during the lunch rush on Saturday afternoon in the small Tucson suburb of Catalina. Four people involved in the accident were taken to a nearby medical center to be treated for serious injuries, though police report that none of the injuries appeared to be life threatening.

Initial reports did not specify how the crash occurred or which of the three involved drivers was responsible for the wreck and there were no reports on whether the four injured individuals were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident. We wish each of the people wounded in this wreck a quick and complete recovery.

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As experienced Prescott intersection accident attorneys, we were shocked to hear news of a crash caused by a driver that ran a red light on Thursday, June 7, 2012, according to My Radio Place. The accident happened at the intersection of Lee Boulevard and Highway 69 when a vehicle ran the red light and crashed into another car that was making a left hand turn. Reports did not indicate how the third vehicle became involved in the accident. Multiple injuries were reported in the collision. The drivers of all three vehicles involved reported only minor injuries, and police have not released additional details about the other reported injuries. A police spokesperson indicated that the driver who ran the red light would most likely be issued a citation for the violation and for causing the accident. We are thinking of everyone involved in the collision and hope that everyone gets well soon.

Prescott Traffic Collision Statistics

Roughly 800 Prescott traffic collisions occur every year, and according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), these crashes account for nearly one-quarter of all car accidents that happen in Yavapai County annually. Nearly 275 injury collisions are reported within the city limits every year and approximately 400 people are hurt in the impact of car crashes that happen in Prescott annually. Although injuries are common in Prescott car accidents, most collisions in this city cause property damage only without resulting in physical harm to any of the people involved. In 2010, statistics showed that roughly two-thirds of car crashes in the city resulted in property damage alone.

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With over 30 years of combined experience, Attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer have seen one Avondale car accident after another, but each collision resulting in serious injuries still saddens us, like the crash that occurred on the morning of February 29, according to Fox 10. Although no official reports have been released on the cause of the accident, this collision involved two pickup trucks and one car, and resulted in serious injuries.

One person involved in the crash was taken to the hospital by life flight helicopter and another was taken by ambulance. The accident occurred at the intersection of Avondale Boulevard and Buckeye and does not appear to have been alcohol-related. Our thoughts are with the families of those injured and we wish them each a speedy recovery.

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Despite our 30 years of experience as Tucson car accident attorneys, we are always shocked by the severity of some crashes, such as the collision that occurred March 3, according to NBC 4. The collision happened in the early morning hours at the intersection of 6th Street and 4th Avenue, and resulted in the lockdown of the entire intersection for the remainder of the morning.

One vehicle involved in the collision hit a telephone pole. No official reports have been released on the number of vehicles involved in the collision or the severity of the injuries suffered. Police have not indicated whether alcohol was a factor in this collision.

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Based on the reports of AZ Central, a three vehicle collision resulted in the death of two people and the serious injury to one. The Phoenix intersection accident took place on Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of Southern Avenue and 59th Avenue. According to police reports, the three-vehicle collision involved a car, moped, and semi-truck. Based on the accounts of the Phoenix Fire Department, the car hit the moped and then collided with the semi truck in a head-on collision. The car occupants died and the moped driver was taken to a trauma center and is in critical condition.

Arizona Car Accident Statistics

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), there were about 87,676 multi-car accidents in Arizona in 2010. Of these accidents, there were 411 fatal accidents and approximately 4,000 people who were injured.

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According to the New Registration Database (NRD) of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2009 there are 24,474 people killed due to car crashes annually.

ABC15 reports that there was an accident that happened last Wednesday night just before 10 in the evening. It involved two vehicles in which the collision happened in the intersection of 75th Avenue and Van Buren. It was stated that the reason behind the collision was failure to stop on a red light. The police reported that a man was traveling with his three young children in the vehicle, it was said that none of the children were wearing seat belts.

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