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Our hearts are always saddened to hear reports of elder abuse and we were truly taken aback by a case reported in Camp Verde on August 10 by My Radio Place. News reports indicate that a 90-year-old woman was defrauded by her caretaker over a four-month period. The caregiver was writing out checks to herself from the woman’s checkbook and also convinced her to make several costly decisions in her banking that amounted to more than $72k over the four months.

The woman was unaware of the thefts and the illegal acts totaling $100,000 were discovered by her granddaughter during a routine review of her grandmother’s bank account. We are deeply sorry for the pain and suffering this theft has caused the woman and hope she is able to recover all of the lost funds.

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When most people think of nursing home neglect in Arizona, they automatically assume the victim was elderly. But this is not always the case. In many instances, the victim is someone who suffers from physical and mental disabilities, and as a result, resides in a nursing home.

These individuals are protected under the same laws, including the Adult Protective Services Act, that protect the elderly residents of nursing homes. This vulnerable group of people is at the mercy of their caregivers in the nursing home and when abuse or neglect does occur, they have the same rights under the law in the State of Arizona.

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Many elderly or disabled people in Arizona nursing homes are deemed a “fall risk” in their medical records. This simply means they are known to be at risk for falling. For many people, a fall may not sound like a big deal. But for an elderly person, it can prove serious and sometimes even fatal. Residents who fall may experience head trauma, broken bones, and other significant injuries. What’s more is that since they were flagged as a “fall risk,” the accidents are usually preventable.

When someone is a “fall risk,” simple guidelines are established to ensure that a person doesn’t fall and hurt themselves. If a fall does occur, then oftentimes it can be a sign of neglect on the part of the nursing home. Bringing a personal injury claim against a nursing home that allows these kinds of accidents to occur can provide justice for the injured person, as well as protect other residents who are “fall risks” at that facility.

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Nursing home abuse in Arizona is completely unacceptable. It must be dealt with swiftly and harshly to ensure it doesn’t happen again. That’s why certain laws have been created to protect residents from this kind of abuse. Specifically, when abuse does happen in an Arizona nursing home, a nursing home abuse attorney will rely on the protections afforded to that resident under the Adult Protective Services Act (APSA).

Even when abuse is obvious, it’s not always easy for the family to hire an attorney to deal with nursing home abuse. The family may simply want to move on and forget about the abuse altogether. For some families, this may be the best thing to do. However, for other families, filing a personal injury claim against the nursing home is the best avenue to take. Filing a claim will not only serve to punish the abusers, but it will also help to provide protection against future abuse to another resident.

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One of the most common signs of nursing home neglect in Chandler, Arizona and throughout the U.S. is the appearance of bedsores, known medically as decubitus ulcers. Bedsores are often preventable and easily treated, yet they are one of the leading causes of death in developed countries for those in medical treatment. In the worst cases, bedsores may cover an elderly person’s body, and these preventable injuries very often signify elder abuse in a nursing home.

There are other cases in which elderly people are denied proper or enough food and water. Some elderly people in nursing homes even suffer from malnutrition or dehydration. While diagnosing such conditions requires a doctor, there are some signs and symptoms that a layperson may be able to recognize. If you have a loved one in a nursing home and think that staff may be denying food or water, it is important to know the symptoms of dehydration and malnutrition, and to follow up if you see any signs of either.

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Nursing home neglect or abuse comes in many forms. Sometimes nursing home neglect in Arizona can occur simply because caregivers fail to ensure that residents are protected against any injuries that they may cause themselves. For example, if a person were to fall out of a wheelchair because he or she was not properly secured, this would be construed as nursing home neglect.

Yet other times neglect goes beyond a simple mistake such as this and may become outright abuse. Physical injuries such as bruising, broken bones, cuts, swelling, and other injuries are indicative of truly abusive conduct by caregivers in a nursing home facility.

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You might have a feeling that a loved one is being abused, neglected, or exploited in a Mesa nursing home. Obviously, your “gut feeling” can’t ever be used as evidence at a trial. However, that gut feeling could lead you to conclude that something is wrong and allow you to take steps to not only protect your loved one but to consider a possible lawsuit that will protect others in that Mesa nursing home.

Here are some signs and symptoms to be aware of:

  • Look for things like unexplained cuts, fractures, and bruises that happened while your loved one was staying at the facility. Another common sign to look for is bedsores. With proper care, these are oftentimes preventable. But in worst-case scenarios of abuse, they may cover an elderly person’s body. Also, if your loved one has joints that are frozen or are no longer moving, then that also might be a sign of lack of care or neglect at a Mesa nursing home facility. Other signs to look for include unexplained anal or vaginal bleeding and/or bloody underwear. These would indicate that there could be a case of sexual abuse or neglect happening.

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Families who put their loved ones in nursing homes do it because they feel it is in the best interest of their loved one. They do everything possible to make sure they research the best possible nursing homes and do everything they can so that their loved one is well taken care of by specialists and experts in a nursing home. However, top Arizona nursing home injury lawyers know that far too often Arizona residents are badly abused or neglected in nursing home facilities. This does not mean that all nursing homes are bad, but that all nursing homes can be responsible for any injury that occurs.

However, it does mean that looking for signs of neglect and holding nursing homes responsible is vital. It is not only vital for the protection and safety of a loved one who has been hurt, but for all others at that facility in the future.

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Campaign donations are a powerful thing. According to the House of Representatives, a jury cannot be trusted to decide how much money is reasonable compensation to somebody injured by the negligence of a doctor. According to the same people, a jury is fully capable to decide whether a man is guilty, and whether he should be put to death for his crime. A jury is capable of life and death decisions, but not capable to decide decisions relating to money. How can this be? I guess it just depends on who is giving you donations.

A criminal jury and civil jury come from the same people, who live in the same county. They are chosen randomly, so the same people that sit on a criminal trial could have just as easily sat that same day on a medical negligence trial.

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