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As experienced Sedona plane crash attorneys, we were devastated by the news that three people, including a former Olympic runner, were killed in a small plane accident on Thursday, July 26, 2012, according to reports from ABC 15 News. The accident happened Thursday morning when the small plane drove off the end of the small runway and down a hill rather than taking off. The plane caught fire after crashing and reports indicate that all three people on board the plane at the time of the accident died. Both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) were on site investigating the plane crash. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of the individuals who were on board the small plane and we hope that they receive answers soon.

Sedona Plane Crashes and Airplane Accident Statistics

This Sedona plane crash was one of nearly 520 general aviation accidents that have been recorded throughout the United States this year alone, according to reports from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The number of accidents this year has surpassed 2011 numbers. So far this year, reports have indicated more than 150 fatalities in general aviation plane accidents. Pilots of general aviation airplanes can help to reduce their risk of a fatal accident by ensuring that their logs are complete after every flight, by filing their flight plans with all necessary parties, and by ensuring that their plane receives regular maintenance and checkups with a certified A/P mechanic. Sometimes, however, even if all precautions are taken, accidents can still happen because of the negligence of other parties or due to factors out of the pilot’s control.

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Traveling by air is one of the easiest and fastest ways to travel. However, travelling through plane carries some risk, although it’s marginal, it’s a risk all the same. In 2009, there were about 28 fatal plane accidents and 749 fatalities on all sectors in the airline industry. This is huge compared to the 34 plane crashes and 583 fatalities in the year 2008.

Two men died following a plane crash that headed to Nevada near North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Officials stated that the single-engine Cirrus SR20 flew from Rock Hill S. C. Airport, Bryant Field; towards Henderson, Nevada; and went missing from the radar around 9 in the evening. The Civil Air Patrol spotted wreckage, Saturday at the Kaibab National Forest. Personnel of the County Sheriff arrived at the area and they have found both the pilot and the passenger lifeless. He then confirmed it was the missing plane. The names of the unfortunate victims are still withheld until their families become notified. The FAA has yet to investigate as to the reason why the plane had crashed.

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One person is dead after a small charter plane crashed into a building near Deer Valley Airport in north Phoenix on Wednesday, August 4, CNN reports. Eye witnesses in the area said they saw the plane take off, loop around and nose dive into a building that housed a pest control business. They also said that black smoke could be seen coming from the Cirrus SR22 single engine aircraft. Nobody on the ground was injured and other businesses in the area had begun evacuation procedures.

Ground crews believe that the pilot was the only fatality in this tragic crash. However, until the tail number of the plane is recovered, which will allow officials to determine the number of occupants on the plane, there is still speculation. The pilot’s identity was not been released. Firefighters were seen trying to put out the fire as the plane was immediately engulfed in flames upon coming into contact with the building. Officials are also saying that the clean-up will involve Hazmat as there are a number of fiberglass particles strewn about the crash site.

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