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Every day, stories appear on the news telling the story of people who have been attacked at movie theaters, theme parks, and tourist attractions. But what you may or may not understand is that the owners and management of those businesses could be held liable for the injuries suffered by the victims of those horrible crimes and accidents. Guests and customers in establishments like grocery stores, movie theaters, tourist attractions, airports, banks, and other institutions are provided by law with the right to expect safety and provisions for safety from the management. In those businesses where security guards are present or some form of protection or security should have been made available to patrons, premises liability law dictates that the business could be liable for third party assaults with or without deadly weapons. Every case is different, but if you have been hurt on a business premise, you may have a claim for negligence resulting in your injuries.

What to Do if You’re Injured in an Arizona Premises Liability Incident

No one walks into a place of business believing that they will fall victim to a third party attacker or any other type of accident or injury-causing incident. However, if you are hurt while at a place of business, you should seek immediate medical attention, even if you do not feel you have suffered significant harm. Only a medical practitioner can determine if you have sustained serious injuries. After you have made contact with a doctor, you should take photos of any injuries and consider speaking to a skilled personal injury attorney to start building your case. Many times when someone is hurt at a premises, they are taken away in an ambulance to the hospital. If this is the case, an attorney can make sure evidence is preserved at the business establishment.

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Arizona Property Slip FallAs experienced Maricopa County premises liability attorneys, we know that having the right homeowner’s insurance policy is important. Most homeowners believe that their insurance policy protects them from damages to the inside and outside of their home. And they’re right. But a good insurance policy does more than that: it protects homeowners in the event that a person is accidentally injured or killed while on their property. Homeowners should do an annual review with their homeowner’s insurance agent to ensure that their policy includes Personal Liability Coverage and Medical Coverage limits. Limits for these coverages should be estimated based on the worth of your assets as well as the amount of money you make, and should be high enough to protect you and your assets in the event of a lawsuit.

What to Do if Someone is Injured at Your Maricopa County Home

This insurance can protect homeowners in the event that an individual is injured or killed on their property. Some examples include if an invitee slips while walking down your stairs, or falls in a place in your house that is not properly lit, or slips on something on the ground. If someone is injured in a slip and fall accident at your home while visiting you, the first thing you should do is get help by taking them to the hospital or calling an ambulance, if necessary. Next, you should make a call to your insurance agent, who can help you understand your policy and what to expect if you are sued by the injured individual.

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As experienced Phoenix shopping mall accident attorneys, we know that not all shopping mall accidents are avoidable. But we still do whatever we can to help shoppers protect themselves by learning to spot the causes of slip and fall accidents wherever they shop. The following are various ways we have seen shoppers hurt:

  • Clothing that has dropped from the hangar to the floor in a department store can entangle shoppers’ feet.
  • Food and drinks that are spilled on the floor in food courts or on flooring throughout the mall when food has been removed from the food court.
  • Broken tiles or loose flooring, including rugs, carpeting, floor trim, and flooring accessories that can move under shoppers’ feet or catch on high heels.

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As the capital of Arizona, one can only imagine just how busy and vibrant the city of Phoenix is. In being the fifth most populous city in the U.S., Phoenix is also recognized as the largest city in the Southwestern region. Phoenix has approximately 1,552,259 residents and is the main section of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, which has about 4,179,427 residents in total. Widely known as a chief financial, industrial, economic, and cultural center of the Southwestern U.S., Phoenix experiences its share of injuries and wrongful deaths caused by accidents on a wide range of properties and in slip and fall accidents.

Several individuals do not understand the severity of slip and fall or trip and fall accidents in Phoenix. A person’s age, how they fall, what they land on, and many other circumstances can cause a person injured on another’s premises to endure bruising, lacerations, broken bones, torn ligaments, sprains, spinal cord injury, and even brain injury. Slip and fall injuries due to improper signage, inadequate warnings, or overall poorly maintained premises can lead to pain and suffering, loss of earnings, hefty medical bills, and other damages.

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As a popular suburb of Phoenix, Mesa is situated in Maricopa County and has a history that dates back two thousand years to the Hohokam people’s arrival when they built the city’s original canal systems. Mesa has definitely progressed since then and is now the third-largest city in Arizona with an estimated population of 460,155 in 2006. With so many residents and visitors utilizing a large quantity of businesses and a wide range of properties, slip and fall accidents, as well as other incidents caused by unsafe or poorly managed premises, take place from time to time in Mesa.

Many people do not realize just how serious a slip and fall accident can be for an injured individual and their family. Depending on the age of an individual, the position in which they fall, and what they happen to fall onto, some common slip and fall injuries include lacerations, bruising, broken bones, sprains, ligament tears, concussions, spinal cord injury, or internal bruising. Although these injuries vary, they are all potentially capable of inflicting steep medical costs, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and other damages upon an injured person.

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The Maricopa County city of Tempe, Arizona, contains an estimated population of 174,091 and is located in the East Valley of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Bordered by other major Arizona cities, Tempe is west of Mesa, east of Phoenix and Guadalupe, south of Scottsdale and north of Chandler. Tempe is considered to be the most densely populated city in Arizona, and welcomes residents and daily visitors to enjoy creative events presented at Gammage Auditorium and Tempe Center for the Arts. With such a busy population, accidents such as a slip and fall incidents in Tempe can occur from time to time, which can bring to light certain premises liability issues.

The aftermath of a slip and fall accident can be a disheartening experience that many times leaves a person feeling overwhelmed regarding his or her legal rights. A slip and fall accident can happen in a public environment at no fault of the injured individual. For example, a store may be under maintenance, but if there is no sign to warn a shopper, the person can slip or fall and suffer broken bones, concussions, harm to the spinal cord, or internal bruising.

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