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Over the years, pedestrian fatalities have accounted for a large portion of total traffic-related fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found nearly 175,000 pedestrians were killed in all motor vehicle crashes. Studies also revealed that 90 percent of all pedestrian fatalities were the result of single vehicle crashes.

There were 69,000 pedestrians who suffered injuries in traffic crashes in 2008 and nearly 5,000 were killed. In 2009, the NHTSA reported that 4,092 pedestrians were killed nationwide, 120 of these were from Arizona. In fact, Arizona was ranked 8th highest in terms of Pedestrian Fatality Rate per 100,000 Population among all other states at 1.82.

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Many dog owners find the habitual act of walking their family pet is relaxing and a great way to clear their mind. Rarely are there instances reported of road-raged pedestrians, but sometimes the stress of the day can push anyone to aggression. As Arizona car and pedestrian accident attorneys, we hope pedestrians and drivers alike keep their patience with each other to prevent putting anyone in danger.

On Tuesday, a Massachusetts woman was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, vandalism to property, and disorderly conduct after she threw a bag of dog feces at a passing driver (Associated Press via AZ Central 10/5/10). The situation seems bizarre, but the woman was walking her dog and reported seeing a near-miss accident with a car and a bike. The next day the driver contacted the police and informed them that she had thrown feces in his face. She later admitted to doing this because she thought he was speeding. It seems as though she may have had a case of pedestrian road rage!

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Every year the most skilled personal injury lawyers in Phoenix find themselves helping runners who are hit by cars. All too often, the runners were not at fault. Instead, they were out for their run and doing everything that they were supposed to do – they were following the law. However, runners and other pedestrians following the law is not enough – drivers must follow the law as well if accidents are to be prevented.

As we know all too well from helping those who have been seriously injured, a negligent driver can be completely at fault for injuries inflicted in a pedestrian accident in Arizona or auto accident in Phoenix. For the person who is out running or walking and trying to stake that or prepare for races – or whatever their goal may be – the injuries they suffer are no less painful or debilitating. For families suffering the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of a driver, nothing brings their family member back simply because the runner was not at fault.

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