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Every 50 minutes, a life is lost due to a drunk driving accident in the U.S. (NHTSA, 2009). In Arizona, the Department of Public Safety and police departments reported that 7,756 car crashes every year involve a pedestrian or a drunk driver with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .01 or more (AZfamily, 3/15/11).

While a BAC of .01 may seem insignificant, individuals can react at different levels to alcohol, so even at this low level, some users can actually become significantly impaired.

As the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day approaches tomorrow, the Scottsdale Police Department has placed safety as a top priority during the event. Police officers will be out on DUI inspections at a checkpoint at Palm Lane and Scottsdale Road, from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. The police will be paying special attention to drivers going southbound on Scottsdale Road, heading from Old Town bars and nightlife.

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Did you know that distracted driving is one of the top factors in causing car accidents? In 2009 alone, fatalities in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted driving reached 5,474 (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2009 Traffic Safety Facts). This makes up 16 percent of fatal crashes for that year. Distracted driving is one of the reasons why car accidents are the number one killer of people aged 1 to 34 in the US.

Simply put, distracted driving is engaging in any activity that could affect driving skills therefore increasing the risk of traffic accidents to happen. Among many distractions; sending text messages, calling, or using a cell phone while driving are unfortunately quite common. NHTSA reports that 18 percent of fatalities in distraction-related crashes involved cell phone use as a distraction.

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A family vacation means fun in the sun, photo opportunities, and embarrassing moments. Most families don’t think of the dangers they face while on vacation, even though they are the same dangers they face at home, like car accidents or trip and fall injuries, only sometimes even more amplified.

On Sunday, a tour bus heading from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon drifted off the road and rolled several times (Arizona Republic via AZ Central 10/17/10). Two of the eleven passengers were killed, and several more were seriously injured. Information regarding the identities of the riders or the cause of the accident is not yet available. No other vehicles were involved.

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Campaign donations are a powerful thing. According to the House of Representatives, a jury cannot be trusted to decide how much money is reasonable compensation to somebody injured by the negligence of a doctor. According to the same people, a jury is fully capable to decide whether a man is guilty, and whether he should be put to death for his crime. A jury is capable of life and death decisions, but not capable to decide decisions relating to money. How can this be? I guess it just depends on who is giving you donations.

A criminal jury and civil jury come from the same people, who live in the same county. They are chosen randomly, so the same people that sit on a criminal trial could have just as easily sat that same day on a medical negligence trial.

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