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A significant decrease in the number of injuries and fatalities caused by vehicular accidents in Arizona was perceived since the operation of the $1.4 billion light rail transit started in December of 2008. However, this light rail transit which connects Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe also had several train-auto collisions. These collisions have also injured several passengers, light rail riders and auto drivers. Most victims of these kinds of collisions have suffered serious brain and spinal cord injuries.

Another train-auto collision happened on Monday around 9:30 a.m. AZ Central reported that a vehicle collided with the Metro Light Rail in Tempe. The driver from Iowa was making a left turn near Apache Boulevard and Dorsey Lane when he turned into the light rail track.

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Though accidents on railways may not seem as common as other auto accidents, a significant number of such cases are being reported each year all over the country. Be it due to operator negligence or faulty manufacturing, lives are at stake when train accidents happen. The Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis reported a total of 1,894 total train accidents excluding highway-rail from January to December of 2009, 17 of which occurred in Arizona. These numbers are proof of the need to raise concerns regarding the safety of our railway system.

Just recently, a teenager was reported to have been hit by a train near Florence, 8:20 am Tuesday (AZ Central, pub. 12/07/10). It appears that the 16-year-old did not hear nor see the train while walking along the side of the railroad. In what seemed to have been a fatal accident, the teenager somehow managed to get himself up and walk away.

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As Phoenix truck accident attorneys, we see all-too-often the disastrous results of an inattentive or otherwise distracted truck driver who hits another vehicle. Eighteen-wheel haulers have a lot of weight behind them and can take longer to stop because of the momentum. Trains are very similar to trucks, only on a much larger scale.

A truck and train accident in Phoenix left a tanker truck on its side, but luckily no one was injured. The tipped truck started leaking some substance at the scene but it was determined not to be hazardous. The cause of the accident is still unknown at this time, but the photos show that it did occur at an intersection, so it is possible that the truck was crossing the tracks at the time of the accident.

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Another light rail accident has been reported, according to an article. The numbers of rail accidents seem to be climbing. As Phoenix personal injury attorneys, we are on the record as being proponents of light rail. We would like to see it expanded. We believe that getting more people onto the light rail will reduce the number of accidents and serious injuries on Arizona’s roads. There will be fewer personal injury claims, fewer serious injuries, fewer medical costs to the people involved in accidents and to all of society if we can get more people riding public transportation.

A lawyer that sees so many serious personal injuries, people filing bankruptcy as a result of medical bills, people who lose their homes because they cannot work after a serious accident, and so many other serious effects from car accidents in Arizona, if there is a good alternative, then we support it.

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It has recently been reported what many experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyers already know– that there are far too many railroad accidents in Arizona. That far too many dangerous railroad crossings are causing the death of innocent people. That the government needs to take more action to prevent terrible tragedies from taking place at intersections with trains that they already know to be dangerous. People who are driving throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area near Grand Avenue should not have their lives in jeopardy every time they head out.

The recent reports indicate that the train crossing at 35th Avenue and Grand Avenue, the railroad tracks that cross at Thomas Road and Grand Avenue, and the 27th Avenue and Grand Avenue train intersection are on the Federal Railroad Administration’s radar, and they have been since 2002. In fact, according to reports there have been more than 30 accidents between trains and cars in a three-year period, alone.

What must be done to protect people from these accidents? What must be done to make these crossings safer. Obviously, whatever is being done is not nearly enough.

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