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As experienced Pima County elder neglect attorneys, we were deeply saddened over reports of a death at a local nursing home reported by AZ Star Net on Thursday, July 26, 2012. The man died on June 18, 2012 at the nursing home where he was living, but the cause of death was not originally reported as neglect. New results released Thursday after a full autopsy of the victim was performed indicated that he died from severe dehydration and being baked to death after being left in the sun on a three-digit day by caretakers for more than one hour. We are deeply sorry for the family and hope that they are able to find some comfort now that they have answers in the death of their loved one.

How to Avoid Pima County Elder Neglect at Nursing Homes

Families who are choosing a nursing home for their elderly loved ones do everything that they can to avoid Pima County elder neglect, and occasionally accidents happen that the family could not have foreseen. The facility faulted by the medical examiner in this neglect case had no sanctions and an A rating from the state health licensing department. Families should not rely on these ratings alone and should also speak with residents, the families of residents, employees, and other people familiar with the residence before signing any contracts. Families can also vary visitation times to ensure that the facility never knows when they will arrive.

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As experienced Arizona wrongful death accident attorneys, we are always truly saddened when an individual dies due to the reckless or negligent behaviors of another person. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS), the most common types of accidents that cause death are vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and the accidental firing of a gun. Statistics indicate that accidents in the state of Arizona cause the deaths of nearly 2,850 people in the state every year. Many of these individuals are hospitalized for as much as 30 to 45 days prior to their deaths and also suffer serious internal injuries, head trauma, and brain injuries before their deaths.

What to Do if You Are Involved in an Arizona Wrongful Death Accident

If you are involved in an Arizona wrongful death accident, the first thing that you should do is seek help. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports that roughly 11,400 hit and run accidents happen each year and that nearly 50 people die in these accidents. Avoid leaving the scene of the accident unless there is no other way to obtain help for the victim who has suffered life-threatening injuries or who is unresponsive. You should also ensure that you are checked out by an emergency medical technician. Families of people who are killed in accidents, whether in a car crash or another type of accident, should consider speaking to a skilled wrongful death attorney to get advice on how they can protect their family’s legal rights.

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As Phoenix car accident attorneys, we remind people to never drink and drive. A drunk driver left one mother dead after driving his van at 70 mph on Indian School Road and smashing head-on into her car, according to reports in Fox 10 News. It happened on Tuesday night, June 5, 2012. The man was immediately taken to the hospital and then booked into jail on DUI charges. Three children were waiting for the mother at home, and police had to take them into custody because they couldn’t find any immediate family members in the vicinity. Our deepest condolences go out to these children and any other family members. This was a horrible tragedy, and one that could have been avoided had the man not been driving drunk. Our hearts and prayers sincerely go out to the victim and her family.

Causes of This Phoenix Car Crash

This Phoenix drunk driving crash happened when a man made the choice to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. He sped and weaved through traffic, according to witnesses, and then smashed head-on into another car. That driver died on the scene. The man was 21-years-old, and the mother he killed was 30. We want to remind people how important it is to ask a designated driver to drive you home or to call a cab. Drunk driving is extremely dangerous, and as is apparent by this case, it can be fatal. There are no excuses whatsoever for drinking and driving.

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As Tucson car accident lawyers, we were very sad to hear the reports of a deadly crash on Sunday, April 2, 2012, according to KOVA Channel 4. The accident took place when a pickup truck driving on Ajo Way near the intersection of La Cholla Boulevard changed lanes and struck a pedestrian who was walking on the side of the road. The crash occurred in the early morning hours around 5:30 a.m. before the sun came up. The pedestrian was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident, and it is unclear whether speed or alcohol contributed to the collision.

How to Avoid a Tucson Pedestrian Collision

A Tucson pedestrian collision, along with those in the rest of the state, has an approximate 1-in-10 chance of resulting in death according to statistics published in 2010 by Arizona’s Department of Transportation (ADOT). Reducing the possibility of hitting a pedestrian can be difficult, but there are some ways for drivers to help themselves.

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As experienced Tucson car attorneys, we are alarmed at the recent string of both pedestrian crashes and hit-and-run crashes occurring throughout Tucson and the state of Arizona over the past two weeks, including a fatal hit-and-run involving a pedestrian on Friday, March 9, 2012, according to the Arizona Daily Star. The crash occurred when a car near the intersection of West Roger Road and North Fairview Avenue hit a 57-year-old man. It is unknown if the man was trying to cross the street at the time of the crash. According to police, the man’s external injuries suggest that he was dragged by the car. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene and police are still searching for a suspect. The man suffered severe injuries and died at the scene before police or paramedics could arrive. Our hearts go out to his family and we wish them strength and peace during this difficult time.

The Dangers of a Tucson Car Accident Involving a Pedestrian

A Tucson car accident, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), has a more than 37 percent chance of causing severe injury or death. Also, the number increases exponentially when the crash involves a pedestrian. The department also reports that each year nearly 11 percent of all Arizona pedestrian crashes kill the pedestrian and a staggering 83 percent cause severe injuries. Pedestrian crashes are considered highly dangerous because pedestrians have no protection from severe head, neck, spine, or body injuries, and victims often sustain life-threatening external and internal injuries as a result of the impact.

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The attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. were very sorry to hear that someone died as the result of a motorcycle crash on February 8, according to Fox 10. The crash occurred on southbound I-17 near Northern Avenue. It is unclear who died or what the cause of the crash was, and police are continuing their investigation. Our deepest condolences go out to the family of the deceased.

Causes of This Phoenix Motorcycle Accident

We know that many crashes occur when people aren’t paying attention when they drive. This can result in many different types of crashes, such as rear-end collisions, sideswipes and more. When motorcyclists are hit, they can face serious injury and death because they aren’t as protected as someone inside a heavy car. People inside cars can also be hurt or killed if they are involved in a collision with a motorcycle.

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As Eloy car accident attorneys, we were saddened to hear of the death of one 16-year-old girl when the car she was riding in rolled over several times. According to a news report in Fox 10, the girl was ejected from the pickup truck and died at the scene on December 6, 2011. The car accident happened at 10 p.m. Two other people in the car, including the 18-year-old male driver and an 18-year-old female passenger, were transported to Phoenix hospitals for their injuries. Our deepest condolences go out to the family of the teenager, and we wish the injured a quick recovery.

Causes of This Eloy Car Accident

The driver of the vehicle told police that he swerved and lost control of his vehicle when he tried to avoid debris in the road. As Eloy car accident attorneys, we often see car accidents, especially rollover accidents, that are caused by debris in the road. However, according to police, alcohol and drugs could have played a role in the car accident.

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As Glendale motorcycle accident attorneys, we never like hearing that a death could have possibly been prevented. According to a news report in the Tucson Citizen, a 60-year-old woman was killed after a motorcycle accident on November 30, 2011 while riding near 114th Street and Glendale Avenue. Police believe the motorcycle accident may have been caused by a “maintenance issue.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s family during this time.

Causes of This Glendale Motorcycle Accident

According to reports, police believe this Glendale motorcycle accident may have been caused by a maintenance issue. They said too much brake kicked in when the woman attempted to stop at a traffic light. As Glendale motorcycle accident lawyers, we sometimes see motorcycle accidents that are caused by defective parts, as well as motorcycle accidents that are caused by improper repairs. It is possible that the woman had her motorcycle worked on at a repair shop and a technician did not adjust the brakes correctly. When she applied the brake, it is possible that the bike overturned and killed her. There are many reputable repair shops in Arizona, so this is not to say the repair shop is at fault; it just could be something that the family of the woman should look into to see if they have a valid wrongful death claim. Many times the product companies recall certain items.

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In certain situations, a Yuma pedestrian wrongful death lawyer can help victims of crashes by lending a hand in assessing the situation properly to determine the legal implications involved. According to ABC15, an 84 year-old man just recently died due to injuries he sustained after he was hit by a pickup truck. The fatal collision occurred on a Monday morning at around 7 a.m. near 26th Street and 33rd Drive. Results of the preliminary investigation found that the man was crossing the street when a 1992 Chevrolet pickup truck, which a 16-year-old was driving, struck him. The man was transported to a hospital but was later pronounced dead due to his injuries. We send our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the victim and our prayers go out to them.

Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Pedestrian accidents can happen at any time. Recent statistics published by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) show that there were 155 fatalities and 1,236 pedestrian injuries in 2010.

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Motor vehicle accidents are often caused by negligence on the part of a driver. Driving at a high speed or driving while impaired are two relevant factors when it comes to fatal car accidents. In the United States motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among ages 5-34 years old. This is based on the research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Nearly 34,000 persons were killed in fatal car crashes in 2009, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In addition to that, more than 2.3 million were reportedly injured in car crashes and were treated in emergency departments.

In Arizona, fatal car accidents are very common with 698 reported fatalities in 2010. The Arizona Department of Transportation also stated that based on the records, speeding is a common violation of drivers which resulted to motor vehicle crashes.

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