Arizona Healthcare Worker InjuryTucson slip-and-fall injuries are common in every workforce, but none so much as the healthcare industry. These workers are often exposed to a wide array of serious hazards to their safety and health, and according to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nursing homes and personal care facilities in particular have one of the highest rates of injury. These facilities have an average lost workday injury and illness (LWDII) rate of 4.9. The healthcare industry as a whole has a rate of only 1.8. Slip and fall incidences are common amongst healthcare workers due to:

  • spills and other liquids on the floor that have not been attended to;
  • trip hazards in bedrooms, hospital rooms, and other areas of the facility;
  • fatigue from long shifts that keeps workers from paying attention to where they are going and what they are doing; and
  • rugs, mats, broken floor tiles, and other floor quality and safety hazards.

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Second Mesa car crashes seldom occur do to the small size and smaller population of the city, so were shocked to hear the news of a serious collision that occurred on September 8, according to reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). According to crash reports, the accident took place in the morning shortly before noon when a single vehicle crashed on SR-87 near Second Mesa.

One person was killed in the crash and was reported dead at the scene of the accident. Four other people riding in the vehicle at the time of the accident sustained injuries, though reports did not indicate the severity of the injuries suffered. Our hearts go out to all those involved in the accident and we hope that their physical and emotional injuries heal quickly.

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Glendale bee attacks are few and far between, so we were shocked and surprised to hear news from AZ Central detailing an incident that occurred on August 21. An elderly woman and her four-year-old granddaughter were in the grandmother’s home when a group of more than 100 Africanized bees swarmed around them and attacked.

The woman was stung on her face, in her nose, and in her mouth by dozens of bees and the little girl was also attacked, though she was able to call for help using the woman’s emergency alert system. A firefighter was also stung during the rescue. Authorities discovered that another person in the neighborhood was keeping the bees. That beekeeper will likely face charges for several misdemeanors. We are thinking of the victims and hope they recover quickly from the stings and other wounds.

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Every day, stories appear on the news telling the story of people who have been attacked at movie theaters, theme parks, and tourist attractions. But what you may or may not understand is that the owners and management of those businesses could be held liable for the injuries suffered by the victims of those horrible crimes and accidents. Guests and customers in establishments like grocery stores, movie theaters, tourist attractions, airports, banks, and other institutions are provided by law with the right to expect safety and provisions for safety from the management. In those businesses where security guards are present or some form of protection or security should have been made available to patrons, premises liability law dictates that the business could be liable for third party assaults with or without deadly weapons. Every case is different, but if you have been hurt on a business premise, you may have a claim for negligence resulting in your injuries.

What to Do if You’re Injured in an Arizona Premises Liability Incident

No one walks into a place of business believing that they will fall victim to a third party attacker or any other type of accident or injury-causing incident. However, if you are hurt while at a place of business, you should seek immediate medical attention, even if you do not feel you have suffered significant harm. Only a medical practitioner can determine if you have sustained serious injuries. After you have made contact with a doctor, you should take photos of any injuries and consider speaking to a skilled personal injury attorney to start building your case. Many times when someone is hurt at a premises, they are taken away in an ambulance to the hospital. If this is the case, an attorney can make sure evidence is preserved at the business establishment.

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We are closely watching the aftermath of a serious Tempe pedestrian accident that injured four people including a mother and her child on September 5, according to reports from ABC 15. The crash occurred around 6 a.m. when a car traveling down Guadalupe Road and All American Way hit another car, causing it to crash into a baby in a stroller being pushed by the mother and father. The man suffered non-life threatening injuries. The mother and baby suffered severe injuries and doctors are working around the clock to save the lives of the two.

The driver of the car that was hit sustained non-life threatening injuries. Police determined that the driver who caused the collision was not impaired at the time of the accident, but investigators have not yet determined how fast he was going at the time the crash occurred. We are deeply concerned for the mother and baby and hope that they will both make a complete recovery.

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Despite the wet weather the Verde Valley has seen lately, bicycle riders remain true to their preferred method of transportation and we are deeply concerned for the rider that was hurt in a crash reported by My Radio Place on August 24. The accident happened in the afternoon near Mingus Street and 10th Street when a bicyclist ran into a motor vehicle.

There was no word on what caused the accident or if negligent driving played a role. The cyclist was injured but refused ambulance transportation. No updates on his condition have been reported and it was not indicated whether he was wearing a helmet at the time the accident occurred. We are worried about this cyclist and hope that he has sought the medical attention he needs to recover.

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Recent reports from AAA predict that nearly 2.5 million people in the Mountain West region will hit the road during Labor Day weekend, and that means Arizona auto accidents may be on the rise. Labor Day is now passed, but even during regular weekends or other holiday weekends, here’s a few tips on saving yourself time, money, and trouble along the way:

  • Check your tire pressure before you hit the road to increase gas mileage, reduce stopping distance, and make it easier to manage your vehicle in a crisis.
  • Don’t just watch the speed limit. Following the speed limit will increase your gas mileage and help you avoid accidents.
  • Avoid driving behind large trucks and vans where you can’t see what’s going on ahead, making you more likely to become involved in a crash.

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As experienced Yuma motorcycle collision attorneys, we were shocked to hear the news from the Yuma Sun on July 31 that multiple burros have been involved in serious car crashes since January. Reports indicate that nearly 25 burros alone have been killed in automobile accidents, including five that died on the morning of July 31. Motorcycle riders should be especially wary of the large numbers of wild burros as they travel down Highway 95, whether it is day or night.

If a motorcycle hits a burro, the bike may flip over the animal or veer into other lanes of traffic. Other vehicles may also experience rollovers and veering patterns after a collision with a burro, which can squash or otherwise seriously damage a motorcycle and its rider.

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As experienced Phoenix semi truck collision lawyers, we are deeply concerned over the rising number of crashes involving big rigs each year, but were happy to hear reports from KPHO News that local police are taking these accidents seriously. Police in the city of Phoenix watch for anything out of the ordinary and are quick to stop semi trucks that are speeding, weaving out of their lanes, or showing any other signs of distress. Police also use special cameras to seek out truck drivers who are talking on their cell phones while driving, which is against the law in Arizona. With nearly 2,700 reported car wrecks involving semi trucks each year throughout the state, it is important for all drivers, and not just police officers, to be aware.

What Causes Phoenix Semi Truck Collisions?

There are many different causes for crashes involving big rigs on the streets and freeways in this urban center. Causes for these types of accidents are many, but most include:

  • Drivers going faster than the speed limit or too fast for conditions;
  • The semi truck being improperly maintained and the brakes giving out or not working properly;
  • Drivers going too many miles without rest, causing their judgment to be impaired, or causing them to fall asleep at the wheel; and
  • Drivers talking on their cell phones while driving.

Regardless of the cause of the accident, people who are hurt in crashes with a semi truck should call a skilled personal injury attorney for assistance.

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As experienced Quartzsite semi truck collision attorneys, we are deeply concerned for all those affected by a crash reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) on August 8. The accident took place during the afternoon on eastbound I-10 near mile marker 63 when a tractor trailer rolled over. The cause of the rollover was not immediately available.

Police indicated that at least one person was injured, but reports did not disclose who was injured or how many people were involved in the accident. Details on the other vehicles in the crash were not released. We are thinking about everyone involved in this rollover and we sincerely hope they are all okay.

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